V119: Chansons & Lieder II: Georg Schönberg

Non-commercial, DVD (PAL)
Open Eye Productions/The Lark Ascending 2001
Dauer: 120:00

date April 29, 2001.

place: German-Evangelical Lutheran Church of St Paul, New York City.

readings: Coeur de Lion, Mon Coeur by Nancy Bogen (with slides and music on CD; 2nd performance), and selections from Arnold Schönberg and His Viennese Family by Arnold Greissle-Schönberg.

music: Verlaine Variations by Elodie Lauten (a slide choreography by Nancy Bogen; second performance); Schönberg’s Six Little Piano Pieces, op. 19; Sieben Balladen by Georg (Zemlinsky) Schönberg (American premiere of 4 of the Balladen).

performers: Arnold Greissle-Schönberg, Peter Ludwig, Jean-Claude Vassuex,
Peter Vinograde.